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Mediation Services

Qualified accredited mediators with extensive experience in law and commerce assisting parties resolve commercial disputes.

What we do

Offering an independent, unbiased, structured and interactive process that facilitates the negotiation of a mutually acceptable outcome to the parties involved. With a strong proven industry background our accredited mediators can assist parties in preventing or resolving disputes by exploring the possibility of a mutually agreeable settlement.

mediation as an alternative to litigation

Mediation is confidential, without prejudice and can be used as a tool at any stage of a dispute. Some parties prefer mediation as a first step, before commencing proceedings, in an aim to keep the dispute itself confidential and out of the public arena. When parties negotiate a settlement they have the ability to control how the settlement will occur, which offers certainty where litigation outcomes can be uncertain. Lastly, for those parties who wish to continue and preserve an ongoing business relationship, entering into mediation signals a willingness to negotiate with a reference to business interests rather than pure legal rights and obligations.

  • Maintaining confidentiality about the dispute
  • Controlling the settlement process
  • Preserving business relationships

preventing disputes from escalating

We understand litigation can be a very stressful, disruptive and expensive process. Mediation is recognised as a faster and less expensive option than taking a dispute to trial or arbitration. It provides the parties with an opportunity to be heard, which in our experience is paramount to any settlement. The parties feel like they have had their ‘day in court’ and this encourages negotiation and outcomes that are mutually acceptable.

  • Litigation is stressful, disruptive and expensive
  • Provides an opportunity for parties to be heard
  • Resolving disputes in a manner that is mutually acceptable

Outstanding legal and commercial knowledge

Why we stand out

Our lawyers have a clear knowledge of the marketplace, and a high level of understanding of the constantly developing commercial and regulatory challenges that our clients face. This knowledge combined with our industry experience allows us to promptly determine our client’s requirements and strategically position them in a manner that achieves their outcomes.


Listening to and understanding the individual needs and objectives of our clients and tailoring strategies to achieve them.
Anticipating legal issues that may arise and working with clients to take proactive steps to minimise legal risk.


Successfully representing some of Western Australia’s most innovative and dynamic individuals and businesses.
Resolving client’s most complex and challenging legal issues, transactions and disputes.

Specialised Practice

Utilising our unique skills and experience in our specialised areas of practice areas to assist clients comfortably navigate complex legal issues.
Ensuring clients both understand their legal rights and that those rights are protected and enhanced

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We understand that each matter is unique, and we provide personal legal services that are tailored to each client’s specific needs.

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