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Government regulatory and licensing

Representing clients in application, compliance, enforcement and review matters arising from government legislation and regulation.

What we do

We provide advice and representation on application of legislation, regulation and policy, freedom of information, privacy, administrative appeals and judicial review of government decisions, defence of regulatory prosecutions, local government permits and approvals, school and education regulation, water and natural resource use and prosecutions.

Application and Compliance

Government regulation is becoming more complex, and action for non-compliance can be very costly. Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of the political and regulatory environments in which government decisions are made, and the procedural formalities necessary to navigate this complex area of law successfully.  We assist our clients to understand legal obligations and employ effective strategies to comply with regulatory requirements, ensuring interactions with government agencies produce outcomes that support client objectives.

  • Government regulation is complex and costly
  • In-depth knowledge of political and regulatory environment
  • Producing outcomes that support client objectives

Challenging Decisions

Where a client is dissatisfied with a government decision, or subject to enforcement action, we employ our strategic litigation and dispute resolution skills to challenging that decision or action, whether it be by request for reconsideration by the original decision-maker, review of the decision ‘on the merits’ by a tribunal, or judicial review by a court. We have extensive experience representing clients to obtain the correct and preferable decision, or if the circumstances are such that this is not possible, mitigating financial and reputational liability to the client.

  • Challenging decisions with strategic litigation and dispute resolution skills
  • Obtaining the correct and preferable decision
  • Mitigating financial and reputational liability

Outstanding legal and commercial knowledge

Why we stand out

Our lawyers have a clear knowledge of the marketplace, and a high level of understanding of the constantly developing commercial and regulatory challenges that our clients face. This knowledge combined with our industry experience allows us to promptly determine our client’s requirements and strategically position them in a manner that achieves their outcomes.


Listening to and understanding the individual needs and objectives of our clients and tailoring strategies to achieve them.
Anticipating legal issues that may arise and working with clients to take proactive steps to minimise legal risk.


Successfully representing some of Western Australia’s most innovative and dynamic individuals and businesses.
Resolving client’s most complex and challenging legal issues, transactions and disputes.

Specialised Practice

Utilising our unique skills and experience in our specialised areas of practice areas to assist clients comfortably navigate complex legal issues.
Ensuring clients both understand their legal rights and that those rights are protected and enhanced

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We understand that each matter is unique, and we provide personal legal services that are tailored to each client’s specific needs.

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