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Effective structuring and documentation of business arrangements and prompt clear advice are essential in today’s complex and rapid commercial environment.

What we do

We provide tailored advice and documentation to individuals, companies and other bodies concerning a range of legal areas impacting on commercial transactions and business including competition and consumer law (ACL), contracts, business and real property sales, corporate constitutions and governance, security interests, supply and distribution arrangements, partnerships and trusts.

Clear Advice and Documentation

Our astute understanding of the law in the commercial context enables us to assist our clients to make the correct decisions, identify opportunities, position themselves for advantage and limit risk. We understand that strategic and practical advice, along with properly structured and documented commercial arrangements can provide peace of mind by avoiding potentially costly disputes and misunderstandings.

  • Providing strategic and practical advice
  • Positioning clients for advantage
  • Avoiding costly disputes

Extensive Experience

Early identification of potential legal issues can enable opportunities to be seized and pitfalls avoided. Our lawyers have assisted a diverse range of clients on complex, high value commercial arrangements and instruments. These include, large scale land holders and developers, suppliers to mining, manufacturing, wholesale and retail industries, listed entities, directors, partners and trustees, schools and public bodies.

  • Early identification of legal issues
  • Seize opportunities
  • Complex, high value arrangements and instruments

Outstanding legal and commercial knowledge

Why we stand out

Our lawyers have a clear knowledge of the marketplace, and a high level of understanding of the constantly developing commercial and regulatory challenges that our clients face. This knowledge combined with our industry experience allows us to promptly determine our client’s requirements and strategically position them in a manner that achieves their outcomes.


Listening to and understanding the individual needs and objectives of our clients and tailoring strategies to achieve them.
Anticipating legal issues that may arise and working with clients to take proactive steps to minimise legal risk.


Successfully representing some of Western Australia’s most innovative and dynamic individuals and businesses.
Resolving client’s most complex and challenging legal issues, transactions and disputes.

Specialised Practice

Utilising our unique skills and experience in our specialised areas of practice areas to assist clients comfortably navigate complex legal issues.
Ensuring clients both understand their legal rights and that those rights are protected and enhanced

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We understand that each matter is unique, and we provide personal legal services that are tailored to each client’s specific needs.

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